Different Types of Groups?

There are many different types of groups. An audience is one type of group that gathers to watch, listen, or see something. A tribe is a type of group that has people that are led by one or more leaders and usually have some form of relationship with each other. A crowd is a large […]

Difference between Percocet and Percodan?

The difference between Percocet and Percodan is the medications used to create the medication. Percocet is a combination of Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Percodan is a combination of Oxycodone Terphthalate and Aspirin. These medications are considered narcotics and used for mild to severe pain. Reference: www.webmd.com Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit link More info about this topic […]

Difference between Mono and Strep Throat?

Strep throat and mono are different types of diseases. Mono is a viral infection, while strep is a bacterial infection. Antibiotics should be taken when diagnosed with strep and should not be taken when you have mono. Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit link More info about this topic what is the difference between mono and strep […]

Difference between Embryo and Fetus?

An embryo is an egg that is fertilized. An embryo then turns into a fetus in the eighth week of development. The difference is that an embryo is the first stage of the life cycle, before the fetus. Source: healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic What is the difference between an […]

Difference between Crestor and Lipitor?

There is not much difference between Lipitor and Crestor, they’re both cholesterol lowering drugs except that Lipitor is going generic meaning it can be bought cheaper. Reference: healthland.time.com Source: healthguidehq.com Photo Credit link More info about this topic what is the difference between lipitor & crestor? Lipitor and Crestor block HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that […]

Difference between Legumes and Vegetables?

The main difference between vegetables and legumes is how they grow. Legumes usually grow in pods while vegetables do not. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit link More info about this topic what is the difference between vegetables and legumes? Legumes are a class of vegetables that include lentils, peas,…more what’s the difference between vegetables […]

Difference between Food Infection and Intoxication?

There are a few differences between food intoxication and food infection. A food infection is caused by microorganisms growing in the body which causes symptoms and food intoxication is when a natural toxin or chemical causes symptoms. A food infection’s symptoms include diarrhea, fever and chills and stomach cramps. A food intoxication’s symptoms include vomiting […]

Difference between Dry Cells and Wet Cells?

Batteries usually are one of two types: wet cell or dry cell. Wet cell batteries are made of a liquid acid. Electrons flow through the acid to create the charge to power the device they are installed in. Car batteries are an example of wet cell batteries. Dry cell batteries have an acid paste inside […]

Difference between DDS and DMD?

Dental universities in the U.S. grant either DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) or DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degrees. How these two degrees are different is mostly a matter of semantics. Typically, a DDS focuses largely on using surgical methods to remedy a patients dental malady. A DMD, on the other hand, focuses more on […]

Did Jared the Subway Guy Die?

Rumors have been flying that Jared Fogle, the spokesperson for Subway, died. This is not true, according to most sources. On September 11, 2012, he talked to students in Grand Rapids, MI about his healthy, and previously unhealthy, eating habits. Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic what did jared the […]