Did I Break My Toe?

If your toe is swollen or you can not move it, it may be broken. Having an x-ray done is the only way to tell for certain if it is broken. Reference: www.webmd.com Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic What to do if You Break Your Little Toe? There is […]

Diet Drinks without Aspartame?

Diet drinks without aspartame include Diet Coke with Splenda, Pepsi One, Diet Rite, Propel, Amp Energy Sugar Free, Aquafina FlavorSplash, G2, Zevia, SoBe Sugar Free Adrenaline Rush, Starbucks Light Mocha and Light Vanilla Frappucinnos, and select Lipton diet drinks. Aspartame is a non-saccharin sweetener that is used in place of sugar to sweeten drinks and […]

Cure for Thin Skin?

There is no definitive cure for thin skin but there are treatments that will help thicken the skin. Moisturizer should be applied to the areas of thin skin. Flax seed and fix oil supplements may improve the condition. Reference: www.livestrong.com Source: health guide hq Photo Credit link More info about this topic What is the […]


A circumstance that encompasses the recurrent passing of loose or watery stools is known as diarrhea.It comes from the Greek word diarrhoia, Dia means ‘flow’ and ‘rrhoia’. It is normally caused by caused an infection, and is also a symptom of a bowel infection when the stomach and the intestines become inflamed. Source: healthguidehq.com Photo […]

How to Cure Hives?

Hives can be treated or cured by the use of antihistamines. It is also highly recommended to avoid the allergen that caused the hives and lowering stress levels. Reference: quickcare.org Source: http://healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic How to Cure Hives? Hives are caused by an allergic reaction to something in […]

Difference between Apical and Radial Pulse?

The difference between the apical pulse and radial pulse is the location the heart rate is taken. The apical pulse is found by listening to the chest with a stethoscope. The radial pulse is determined by palpating the artery at the wrist. The location is below the thumb on either wrist. Source: http://healthguidehq.com Photo Credit […]

Cure for Swimmer’s Ear?

Cure for a swimmer’s ear can be done by bathing it with warm vinegar solution. If itching occurs, use of eardrops can be used, while for pain a washcloth that is warm can be put against the ear to make it feel better Source: health guide hq Photo Credit link More info about this topic […]

Did Jackie Kennedy Have Cancer?

Yes, Jackie Kennedy did have cancer that started in her lymph nodes. She passed away of cancer at the age of 64. Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic How Tall was Jackie Kennedy? Jackie Kennedy was a beautiful women, many people considered Jacking Kennedy one of the best looking women […]

Crooked Toes Cause?

There can be many causes of crooked toes. It may be a birth defect that happened in the womb. It could because by arthritis in the toes. It can also be cause by wearing poor fitting shoes. Reference: www.webmd.com Source: health guide hq Photo Credit link More info about this topic What cause crooked toes? […]

How to Cure a Belly Button Infection?

You can cure a belly button infection by squeezing it using a clean warm cloth soaked in water. Wash the infected area using salty water. You can also rub the infected area with a cream, let it soak in for some time and if the pus has not drained apply hydrogen peroxide to clear the […]