📝 This Week in Web Design and Development

🔗 Great links from around the web this week!

  1. Nicole He and Barron Webster made a wonderful project called ENHANCE.COMPUTER which is a “cyberpunk game you play by yelling at your computer.”
  2. You know those “skip to content” links for accessibility? Axess Lab documents a major problem with them on mobile.
  3. Type news! Type Supply’s typeface called 90 Minutes is wonderful and Adobe just released italics for their Source Serif typeface.
  4. Framer X components look super powerful: here’s one example by Zach Johnston that allows you to preview any design in a browser with a random wallpaper in the background.
  5. <img intrinsicsize="400x300" style="width: 100%"> Aspect ratios in HTML!
  6. Even if an element has no padding-top, you might have space up there anyway because of line-height. It’s possible to get mathy and remove it.

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