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This month we asked a few web designers and developers we admire the following question: what’s interested you this year when it comes to making websites? What’s caught your attention and what have you learned? What have you been thinking about throughout the year that’s had the biggest impact on your work? Their answers were pretty astonishing!

Folks talked about how the language of CSS is slowly evolving into a more mature and comprehensive language for us, and how a vanilla workflow with just CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is still the best cocktail in town, or how after making websites for 25 years it’s possible to learn what kind of development it is that you like.

We’ve captured a few choice abstracts below—but!—we’re also super interested in your thoughts, too. What did you find particularly interesting in either the web design industry or on the technology side of things this year? Did you notice any trends? Did you find a tiny CSS trick that surprised you? Let us know! We’re @css on Twitter.

And now get ready to fire up those read later apps and services because we have a whole bunch of interesting articles you’re going to want to read right away:

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