📝 CSS-Tricks 194: Diagonal layouts, fancy animations, and debugging CSS

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Normal layouts? Humbug! Let’s get diagonal instead.

Nils Binder shows us how to create diagonal layouts and he made this cool demo in Codepen to show how that’s possible:

There are a bunch of ways to do this sort of thing but Nils shows how to do it with CSS transforms, like this:

.diagonal-box { transform: skewY(-11deg); }

And as Nils mentions, this will skew all the content within that element so you’ll need to reverse the transform for the content within it:

.diagonal-box-content { transform: skewY(11deg); }

Then some fancy math is used to handle the padding inside to make sure the content lives in a “safe area”. This is a smart technique that I’m sure I’ll have to use at some point in the future!

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