📝 CSS-Tricks 195: Text adventures and better form inputs

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Howdy y’all!

[Robin]: This week I got really weird with it. My pal is having a birthday soon (shhhh) and he adores two things in life: text adventure games and Animal Crossing. So, I thought, what if I made a website that’s a text adventure game based in the Animal Crossing universe? Is that too much as a gift? (No! Friendship is eternal!)

I’ve been making this thing with Twine which is “an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” What you do is write bits of text and then connect them together in their app or on their website:

Then you can export a HTML file with all the markup, styles, and JavaScript bundled inside it. And there you have it: a custom made text adventure game. I knew all I had to do after the export was edit the styles to make it look the way I wanted and then: boom!

My realization this weekend whilst hacking away on this thing isn’t anything technical. It was something else. I knew that a website can be a worry stone, something you throw all your anxiety and stress at. But I didn’t know that a website can be a gift as well. 🎁

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