📝 CSS-Tricks 214: It’s a matter of CSS perspective

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CSS transforms and perspective

One thing I don’t see enough on the web are experiments with CSS transforms and I was reminded of this the other day when I saw this great example from Meng To:

I think transforms and changing perspective in this way can be used in a lot of places, and not just on splashy marketing sites.

Speaking of which—ztext.js is a lil JavaScript library that lets you apply perspective and transforms to text. And the great thing about this is just how dosh garn easy it is to apply very fancy typographic techniques to whatever typeface you’re using on your site and even add animations to them, too:

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks as we have a dedicated article to CSS perspective coming out soon that is more of a hands-on walkthrough rather than just our reference in the Almanac.

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