📝 CSS-Tricks 216: AVIF, Source Order Viewer, and UI frameworks

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AVIF has Landed!

Big news this week: a wild new image format appears! And, as Jake Archibald writes, it’s called AVIF and it just launched in Chrome, so you can use it today with the help of the picture element:

Why would you want to use this new format though? Well, that’s because AVIF is remarkably tiny. In Jake’s post he shows how AVIF can be under half the size of a WebP image, which is about half the size of the common JPEG. However! As with all things when it comes to images on the web, there are a few caveats that are worth reading about.

[Chris]: I love seeing innovation here. HTML and browsers are ready for new technology like this and give us the tools to take advantage of resonsibly. But be extra careful! This isn’t necessarily an “if support, then use it” technology. I’ve seen AVIF images that are double the size of the original, there are situations where it’s lossless encoding doesn’t look great, and other cases where WebP is smaller. So this really complicates image equations and provides a lot of opportunity for image CDNs to step in and help us make better choices without every image being a manual job.

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