📝 CSS-Tricks 227: The smallest details often make the biggest difference

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Creating UI Components in SVG

Sarah wrote about all the exciting possibilities that open up when you learn about the intricacies of SVG:

Truly, once you learn SVG, you can draw anything, and have it scale on any device. Even this very site uses SVG for custom UI elements, such as my avatar, above (meta!)

Sarah then writes about how she built the Jamstack Explorers site where you can watch a video about a topic but then hop to different sections of the video and use a todo list interface to make that jump. Sarah walks through how to build this with SVG and also all of the accessibility things you need to know along the way.

There’s a lot of times when I sit down in front of a project and wonder whether something should be straight up HTML and CSS or SVG and I reckon I should spend a bit more time thinking that through. SVG is so gosh powerful that it’s easy to forget what it’s capable of at times.

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