📝 CSS-Tricks 228: The Way the Web Works

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[Robin]: Making things move by Varun Vachhar is a fantastic blog post I stumbled on the other day. He talks about how he built the following animation with canvas-stretch and walks step-by-step in the process of designing it:

Not only is this animation wonderful to look at, but the design of the website he built to showcase this tutorial is wonderful, too. As the story progresses, images on the left update depending on which section you’re on. It’s such a natural way to read this thing:

Also, I just saw that Varun wrote about another post about how to build a Storybook addon which is pretty interesting. If you’re unfamiliar with Storybook, it’s a tool to create a reusable component library and Varun shows us what can be customized in Storybook. This reminds me that I really want to experiment and try to build a dark mode theme toggler within Storybook.

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