📝 CSS-Tricks 229: 2020 End of Year Thoughts

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We’ve gathered together a host of writers and front-end folk to tell you what they learned during this year into this 2020’s End of Year Thoughts. There’s so much to learn from in here (and there are lots more coming, stay tuned!).

Take this post from Matthias Ott where he argues that making a personal website is important and, also, fun!

On your personal website, you own your work. You decide what and when to publish. You decide when to delete things. You are in control. Your work, your rules, your freedom.

Your personal website is also a wonderful playground to tinker, prototype, experiment, explore, and learn about web standards and new technologies by experience. Want to improve your accessibility skills? Want to learn CSS Grid or try out variable fonts? Want to implement your first Service Worker or fine-tune the performance of your site? Your personal website is the perfect place for that!

Matthias has a few bits of advice if you don’t have personal website and want to know how to get started. My own bit of advice to add to this post is this: build it in public.

Start with just the HTML, then publish that; no fancy styles, no animations, no Big Thoughts about Things. Not even good type styles. Just get a small bio up and then maybe links to each post. From there each week you can build on top of those foundations, change things as you go.

A while back I remember reading about how Jonnie Hallman had taken this approach with his personal site; slowly documenting how he’s building things from the very beginning and shipping tiny improvements each week. It was inspiring but it was also somewhat of a relief for me when I started work on mine. No one could tell me what to do or how to do it, I didn’t have to get my work reviewed.

And I think that’s what I like about this post from Matthias because he believes that starting your own personal website is somewhat liberating. And I do, too.

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