📝 CSS-Tricks 234: Design v18 and Responsive HTML Videos

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Design v18

I don’t think we’ve linked to this in the newsletter yet, but Chris wrote a fantastic post about the latest design of CSS-Tricks and there’s an awful lot to dig into here. Chris compares the previous version to the latest when it comes to visual design, typography, CSS, and the overall performance of the site. He also uses Project Wallace to analyze the CSS and see what improvements could be made in the future, too.

I particularly like what Chris has to say about design and systems:

Maybe in a perfect world, a perfect site would have a perfect content strategy such that every single article has a perfect featured image. A matching color scheme, exact dimensions, very predictable. But this is no perfect world. I prefer systems that allow for sloppiness.

This idea of a design system that can be moved and pushed is making me nod furiously as I read all this.

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