📝 CSS-Tricks 246: Communication is Key

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[Robin]: My favorite website at the moment is Volume, “a publishing platform for high-quality illustrated books.” It’s a place where you can kickstart book-related projects but what gets made at the end are these enormous and beautiful bits of graphic design.

Just take a look at how relatively simple the layout is:

As you scroll through each project there are these big pull quotes and although I don’t often like them, I think they work extremely well here because of how gosh darn pretty they are:

With nothing more than a splash of color, some big type, and a few well-placed images, the Volume website becomes so much more interesting than it might otherwise be. The nifty thing about this is that these are tools we all have out our fingertips.

Speaking of typography, I also stumbled upon this piece for the New York Times by Jason Farago all about art and power. As you scroll through the piece the painting will zoom in so that Jason can describe that part in more detail:

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