Issue 304

CSS Layout News is live on a new platform. Excuse any mess!

CSS Layout News
Issue 304
By Rachel Andrew – 25 May 2021 – View online →
Welcome to issue 304 of CSS Layout News, coming to you from my new hosting with Ghost.

A bit of housekeeping. If you unsubscribed very recently there is a chance that the sync of data missed the fact you unsubscribed. I promise that this is not due to me being a evil spammer determined to inform you of the latest in CSS layout against your wishes. If you unsubscribe via the link in this email that should sort you out. Or, drop me a line and I’ll make sure it’s sorted for you.

My aim is to bring some of my layout related content over onto this site, to make it more of a resource. The old newsletter hosting worked well, however I was limited in terms of what I could do in terms of building the resource here. So, more coming soon!

On with the newsletter, and the things I have read this week.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News.

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