Issue 308

Information as more of the new rendering engine for Chromium lands. Explaining interesting CSS Grid examples, CSS masking, and serving sharp images.

CSS Layout News
Issue 308
By Rachel Andrew – 23 Jun 2021 – View online →

lots of browser-related stuff today from the Chrome team. The two posts I’ve included about TablesNG and RenderingNG are a really accessible look into the improvements being shipped.

I’m not a browser engineer, but one of the great benefits of being part of the CSSWG has been to listen to browser engineers explaining why something is difficult to implement. Many of the annoying inconsistencies, or the lack of support of some obviously useful feature, come down to them just being incredibly hard to fix or implement. Big projects such as RenderingNG may appear to slow progress for a while, as things get held up waiting for the big change to ship. Now it is all landing I think we are going to see a whole bunch of really annoying things fixed. Also, these changes allow future work on features we all want to see (such as Container Queries) to happen.

Do give these pieces a read, if nothing else I have found that an appreciation of this stuff makes the web platform somewhat less frustrating.

Rachel Andrew

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