Issue 313

An update on Compat 2021, the RenderingNG architecture, and using modern CSS to design for the unexpected.

CSS Layout News
Issue 313
By Rachel Andrew – 28 Jul 2021 – View online →
I’m enjoying watching the Olympics coverage early in the morning here in the UK, for once my getting up before dawn is working out for me. To poorly link this intro to CSS, here are some CSS-only Olympic rings created by Matt Smith on CodePen.

The CSS Working Group has been meeting this week, with some longer meetings to partially replace our very much missed face-to-face meetings. An interesting resolution is to publish the CSS Nesting specification as a First Public Working Draft (FPWD). The move makes it an official specification, rather than an idea. Find the browser implementation bugs below:

On that note, there is a fair amount of browser-related information this week, with the Compat 2021 update, and a lengthy piece about the work on RenderingNG. I hope you find it interesting.

Rachel Andrew

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