Issue 317

RenderingNG, GridNG, OpenUI, and (the lack of) AVIF in Safari.

CSS Layout News
Issue 317
By Rachel Andrew – 25 Aug 2021 – View online →
This week the majority of the articles I’ve collected are about browsers and rendering engines. I do enjoy the fact that so much more browser work is being done in the open these days, with designers and developers being asked for their feedback. So do give that feedback, if you spot something that you have opinions on, it may well make a difference to an emerging part of the web platform.

Also this week, I dug out a copy of the first edition of my book, The CSS Anthology. It included solutions to problems such as, "Some of my content is appearing and disappearing in Internet Explorer 6", and, "How do I hide CSS from Netscape 4?" We have come a long way since 2004.

Rachel Andrew


Compat2021: Improving CSS Grid compatibility with GridNG

An update on the work being done by Microsoft on GridNG to reimplement CSS Grid Layout. Details of the bugfixes that are in Edge and Chrome 93, plus a hint that subgrid is on the way. Very exciting!

Online meetup about OpenUI

CSS Cafe presents Melanie Richards & Greg Whitworth – Open UI: Solving a Multi-Decade Problem. Signup and watch online, I’m hoping there will be a recording as it is right in the middle of West Coast/Europe crossover time, where all my meetings live.

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