📝 CSS-Tricks 266: That Classic Place for WebDev Advice, TikTok

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[Robin]: I stumbled upon this nifty VS Code plugin called TabOut this week that lets you hit the tab key and jump between quotes in a line of code. It’s a brilliant plugin because I think it does precisely what the tab button should do by default: let you navigate between words within quotes and brackets and what not. I only want to indent the line when I’m at the beginning of the line, but at all other times, it makes sense to jump to the next bit of important information.

Of all the blogs and websites and places that I could have found out about this trick, I least expected it to have come from the @vscode TikTok account.

I know that this solidifies my public persona as a cool teen influencer—but!—this account is great because it’s showed me a bunch of VSCode optimizations that I wasn’t aware of. Like this great setting that folds imports. Once it’s activated you’ll notice that at the top of your files there won’t be a sea of @import declarations. Now they’re all hidden away, available with just a click.

It even works in this little Astro project that I’m working on right now:

See, mom? Doom scrolling through TikTok is useful for my job. So there.

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