Issue 321

Chrome 94, more CSS Paint API, gaps, focus outlines, and cascade layers.

CSS Layout News
Issue 321
By Rachel Andrew – 22 Sep 2021 – View online →
Welcome to another issue of CSS Layout News. My own layout news is that last week the CSSWG resolved that CSS Multi-column Layout could transition to Candidate Recommendation (CR) status. This is the specification I edit, and I’m very happy to see it move on. I need to spend some more time doing some test suite wrangling, in order that it can eventually become a Recommendation.

Other than that I’m preparing to start my new role at Google, trying not to leave a mass of unclosed issues and PRs from other things in my wake! I’ve been documenting WebCodecs recently on MDN, if you are interested in web audio and video, this API landed in Chrome 94 and is worth checking out. Also, see the article on VideoNG over on the Chrome Developers blog.

Rachel Andrew

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