Issue 323

Intrinsic sizing keywords, prefers-color-scheme, logical focus order, and modern image formats.

CSS Layout News
Issue 323
By Rachel Andrew – 07 Oct 2021 – View online →
I’m late sending this out this week mostly due to the mess caused by working across two devices as I settle into my new role at Google. As a long-time freelancer, everything has always just been linked to my personal computer and accounts. Having a work computer means disentangling work and personal stuff. It’s probably a good thing long-term to be able to close the lid on work, however getting everything where I need it to be might take a while!

This week I’ve also hopped onto the line-up for An Event Apart, which is happening next week. Use the code AEACSSL21 to save $100 on a multi-day pass.

Rachel Andrew

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