📝 CSS-Tricks 274: Landmarks, VoiceOver, and CSS Resets

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[Robin]: Last week we talked a bit about weird browsers and why I’m so gosh-darned excited for them. Well, this week I’ve been thinking a bit about weird tools for making websites like utopia.app:

In its simplest form, you can use it as an online coding playground for React projects, and include custom assets, and external packages and component libraries via node. To edit the code, we included VSCode, Microsoft’s open source code editor – complete with ESLint, Prettier, theme support. There’s a console for debugging, an external preview for sharing your creations with the world, and runtime error messages. And there’s a canvas that lets you render one or many components, and that updates as-you-type.

This sort of feels like if Figma merged with Chrome DevTools and VSCode. And at first, it’s a little overwhelming seeing all these toggles and buttons and what not but it makes me excited that design and development tools might coalesce somehow in the future.

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