📝 CSS-Tricks 275: Dialog Drama, Photoshop for the Web, and CSS Scroll Shadows

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[Robin]: Chris just made The Greatest CSS Tricks Vol. I available via PDF and EPUB and wrote about the process. He walks through a few snags he hit along the way when programmatically creating the eBook version:

All this book-writing stuff was and is an experiment. I like writing on this website in a blog-post-like format where all the content is at URLs and can have interactive content. Being digital, I can control the access and such. It means I can write in a way that is comfortable to me, and maybe-just-maybe, I can be more prolific about it. Maybe I can get a Vol. II done that I already have a ton of ideas for. Maybe I can write some other books I’ve been thinking about. Now I have a system! A place to write, multiple places to publish to, and a way to sell it.

Exciting! If you become an MVP supporter then you can read the whole book online, which is something I’d heartily recommend doing since this isn’t just a book for folks new to web design and CSS. Case in point: I just went back to the chapter all about adding scroll shadows via CSS: that’s where you see a shadow above or below some content, indicating that there’s more stuff that you can scroll to.

Here’s an example:

Honestly, if you’d asked me ten minutes ago how to do something like this then I would’ve thrown a smoke bomb on the floor or I would have pretended to fall asleep just so I wouldn’t have to answer the question.

So, in summary: the book is good.

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