📝 CSS-Tricks 283: Happy Holidays!

[Robin]: Happy holidays, folks! This will be the last newsletter from us this year and so we just want to say thanks for reading. We covered so many topics in this newsletter over the last twelve months that I’m not even sure to begin. There was drama! New features in CSS! Weird hacks that I didn’t think were possible! Just keeping up with everything was tough, yet alone learning how to apply it in my day-to-day work. But writing this newsletter has definitely helped me figure things out and get a lay of the land when it comes to front-end development, so I hope it helped you, too.

I reckon the common pattern this year in the newsletter was that, yes, all these tricks and front-end stunts are extremely cool but keeping up with this stuff shouldn’t be a burden. We try pretty hard to make sure this newsletter doesn’t feel like an endless list of things. We don’t want to overwhelm you, and we certainly don’t want this newsletter to be homework. On that front, there will be more of the same next year because ultimately we want learning about front-end development to be a ton of fun and we hope to encourage everyone to experiment with old techniques and new kick-flip things (without the stress of FOMO).

Anyway, we very much hope that next year brings you good fortune and what not but we also hope you stick around to see even weirder, wilder changes in the front-end development space.

We’re pretty darn excited.

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