📝 CSS-Tricks 290: Designing context menus, CSS presentations, and complaining about web browsers

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[Robin]: Stephanie Eckles wrote this nifty piece about how to use CSS scroll snap to make a website that feels more like a slide deck. With just a few interesting bits of HTML and CSS, you can make a pretty dang good Powerpoint-esque website that could be better for you. Another great idea here is to use the contenteditable attribute so that you can make live coding examples during your talk:

Smart! But make sure to play around with the demo because I think that this is a really neat idea and scroll snap is one of the most overlooked newish CSS features. I am absolutely biased here—but!—I think that being able to change the pace of reading a website now with scroll-snap is what’s so exciting.

Also, somewhat related: I just finished reading Russell Davies’s excellent book about making presentations called Everything I Know About Life I Learned from Powerpoint. It has absolutely nothing to do with front-end development but if you’re interested in learning about how to do a really great talk or you want to improve your writing skills then I’d highly recommend it.

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