📝 CSS-Tricks 293: Interop on Interop

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[Chris]: I got a kick out of the synchronized blog post publishing around Interop 2022.

So it looks like Google and Igalia don’t really have down-to-the-minute style CMS systems, so theirs look like they went out at the stroke of midnight this past Thursday. But the agreed-upon time must have been 9am because everyone else is around then. Bocoup jumped the gun by one second. Mozilla was two seconds over. Microsoft thirty-three seconds over the line. Webkit came in last at forty-four seconds over. Darn tight! (slow clap). All in all a great showing of synchronicity on a project that is all about synchronicity. So glad nobody called it InterOp which would have been the ultimate irony.

The point of the thing is browsers working on an agreed-upon list of features such that they all behave the same across browsers, thus happifying developers worldwide. You can see the list and the progress at the official dashboard.

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