📝 CSS-Tricks 201: Core Web Vitals, aspect-ratio, and RWD turning 10!

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📝 CSS-Tricks 198: The Future of CSS Layout and CSS Shadow Parts

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There’s exciting things on the horizon for CSS layout

Michelle Barker has the scoop on all the upcoming things to get excited about, such as:

  • Support is coming soon for the gap CSS property when used with Flexbox in Chrome (yay!).
  • Masonry-style layouts will soon be possible Firefox.
  • Chrome previewing a new Grid inspector, which looks like this:

📝 CSS-Tricks 197: CSS Generators, generic-components, and Alpine.js

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Setting text inside a circle with CSS

I totally forgot that this is possible with the shape-outside CSS property. As Kerry Smyth shows in this demo, we can use that property twice to force text to float around two different paths, giving us shape on both sides (in this case, a circle). It’s neat that browser tools have come so far as to give us this really nice visual representation as we build it, too:

As Kerry mentions in this post, I’m excited for shape-inside which will let us create a shape to wrap the content within an element more naturally, too.